Brisbane skyline

Alright, sorry for the late post but here’s a quick update on the photo outing I mentioned a few days ago. I did go back to the same spot and took some more photos of the Brisbane skyline, this time paying a little bit more attention to the composition. This is my favourite shot from that night.

I am not sure if I like so much that I’d get it printed and hang it on a wall. Here’s a bit of self critique:

  • I think the problem is that it is just too busy. There is too much going on. The complex bridge construction with the building lighting in the background just doesn’t feel clean.
  • The building on the right is also slightly cut off.
  • The colours feel a tiny bit too intese (maybe something I could have fixed in post)
  • Other than the people on top of the bridge, there is no “life” in the picture. Maybe a ferry on the water would have made it more alive (although that would have been hard with the 15 second exposure).
  • The bottom of the bridge is angled which makes the image look like it’s not leveled.

So that’s it. Things to keep in mind for next time. Let me know what you think. Cheers.

Simon Stiefel @simonboots